Let Go and Get More: Create Your Vision

Let Go and Get More: Create Your Vision

Let go and get more
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Letting go is hard. But letting go releases the old which makes room for the new.


What keeps us stuck in holding on?  Not only to things, but relationships, jobs, routines, habits?


Mostly it is fear.  Kind of like the devil that we know is better and more comfortable than the devil that we don’t.  What we have is familiar.  If we let go of it, we don’t know what will replace it and that makes us afraid.


The fear of the unknown is our worst enemy.  It holds us hostage, keeps us from growing and expanding.  We are stymied and stuck and very often unhappy with our circumstances but too afraid, to change because of the great unknown.


Many advocate having courage and to be brave.  To just suck it up and, face the fear and do it anyway.  But that can be even more traumatizing to some of us.  There is an easier way that is gentle, pain free and gets better results.


When you move forward to make a change in fear then the whole process is compromised from the start.  The best way to begin is to have a plan and the first step of any plan is to create a vision of what you want.  This may take a little bit of time.  And the vision that you begin with may shift and grow and transform into many variations before it is right.  That is okay.  Begin with the ultimate ideal outcome and fill in the details later.


Set aside a few quiet moments in your day and write down your vision.  You may want to use a spiral notebook, a designated pad of paper, or open a word processing document on your computer or even make a series of notes on a phone app.  Find a way that makes it easy to add to and adjust the description of your vision as ideas come to mind throughout your day.


Then make visualizing your vision a routine that you incorporate into your day whether it is first thing in the morning, during a lunch break, after dinner or before bed.  You can even mix up the times that you focus on your vision, but promise yourself to make it a daily “me” time.


To focus on your vision, read the description of it.  Close your eyes and get into how that makes you feel.  Get into the feeling of what it would be like to have that vision manifest in your life.  It should feel invigorating, fulfilling, safe, secure, satisfying, happy, light, airy, ideal, wonderful, like it is the best thing that ever happened to you.  Hold onto that feeling for at least 20 seconds.  Longer is better, you can literally meditate on the vision for as long as you want.  The longer the better provided you can hold the really good feelings of having it.  Allow it to grow and completely fill you.  Allow it to permeate every cell and molecule of your body.  You are there.  It is real.  Feel the joy and satisfaction of having it.  Breathe deeply and continue to escalate the good feelings.  Multiply it by 10 then 100 then 1000 times.  Then expand that feeling beyond your body.  Expand it into the room you are in then into the building then around the world and finally fill the entire universe with the good feelings and the vision you are holding.


Then slowly bring your awareness back to the present but continue to hold onto that feeling.  It feels good doesn’t it?  Having that vision fulfilled?  Now continue to hold onto that feeling throughout your day.


This process will keep you focused on your vision and bring you into alignment with it.  Once you are in alignment, events, people, experiences and all that needs to happen to achieve it falls into place.   The key to staying in alignment is holding onto that good feeling.  And the way to do that is to purposely find and do things that are fun and make you happy.   More on how to do that in a future post.


Next time I will tell you how to remove the fear of Letting Go and Getting More.  Until then,


To your wellness,


Christine Hunt


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